Summer 2023

The La Cerveceria Astilleros  Cerveza Club is a curated beer and collab box sent out 4 times a year.  The beer boxes have a curated selection of our current beer offerings, and always includes unique and interesting beers that are exclusive to the beer club. 

Some of the beers are going to be pretty cool!

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What's in the beer box:

2 x 4Pack Salted Lime Lager
1 x 4Pack Grapefruit Lager
1 x 4Pack Lemon Hibiscus Lager
1 x Surprise 4pack!

How it Works:

1) Join the Club: Pay for your first Cerveza Club beer box drop and you are automatically enrolled as a member.  You will be sent a welcome email, and a Cerveza Club Card in the mail (upon request).

2) Ongoing Membership: About 1 month prior to every beer box drop, we will send you an email with the date of the drop and the "Pick-Up Party".  At that time, you will have the option to opt out of that drop (if you are travelling or away, for example).  Otherwise, the box will be automatically shipped to your doorstep.

3) Price: Each box Drop will cost $98 + tax and shipping. We will work hard to make sure you get maximum value in each beer box drop, as our members are our most valuable customers.