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16 oz Glass       Flight $12

Salted Lime Lager | $8.00 

2023 Canadian Brewing Awards - 1st Place 

Our original beer that started it all, a classic Mexican cerveza brewed with imported Spanish salt and conditioned on fresh Mexican limes. 

ABV 4.6%   

Paloma Grapefruit Lager | $8.00 

2023 BC Beer Awards - 3rd Place 

This is our new addition to our lager series. A crisp Mexican light lager brewed with fresh grapefruit zest and flaked salt imported from "El Valle Salado" located in Ananas, Spain. 

ABV 4.5%  

Cerveza Light Lager | $8.00 

A Mexican Cerveza style light lager brewed with flaked maize and toasted flaked rice. Light and refreshing with subtle notes of sweet corn giving way to that classic crisp cerveza finish

ABV 4.3%   

La Mexicanita Red Pilsner | $8.00

Our take on a classic Mexican Amber Lager with a twist. We've brewed it using special German malts like Vienna, CaraRed, and Carafa Special 3, and we hopped it up exclusively with Tettnanger. Rich caramel and biscuit tastes, with hints of floral goodness like pine and a dash of black pepper spice.

ABV 5.0%

Cafe Cold Brew Dark Lager | $8.00

A cerveza style dark lager brewed with light bodied cold brew and condition on single origin Mexican coffee beans.

ABV 5.0%

Japanese Rice Lager | $8.00

A Japanese style rice lager, the first release in our new "Jozosho"series Inspired by Noah our assistant brewers Japanese heritage. Brewed in traditional "Super Dry" style with 45% flaked rice and hopped exclusively with Sorachi Ace. Strong notes of dill, lemon and green tea give way to a light crisp finish. 

ABV 4.5%

Cereza Roja Sangria Sour | $8.50 

A wheat based kettle sour brewed with additions of dark cherries, tart red cherries, black currants, lemon zest and conditioned on Cabernet Sauvignon grape must.

ABV 5%

IPA de La Casa | $8.50 SOLD OUT

A super juicy wild IPA fermented with Sacch-Trois and hopped vigorously with a combo of Citra T90 and Citra Lupomax. Notes of fuzzy peaches, guava and citrus give way to that classic hazy IPA full bodied mouth feel. 

ABV 6.5%

Berry Blast Sour | $8.50 

A light sour both fermented with and conditioned on blueberry and boysenberry puree. Packed with big berry flavour with a refreshingly tart finish.
ABV 4.2%

Strawberry Kiwi Sour | $8.50 

A summer weather inspired sour fermented and conditioned on strawberry and kiwi puree. Big strawberry flavour with subtle hints of tart kiwi.
ABV 4.2%

Piña Colada Tropical Sour | $8.50 NEW!

A fan favorite light tropical style sour inspired by slushy pina colada with tiny umbrellas. Brewed with additions of flaked coconut, liquid coconut milk, orange zest pineapple puree and lactose. A rich mouth feel with creamy notes of coconut balanced by a tart finish.

ABV 5%

Limonada Rosa Rapsberry Sour | $8.50 NEW!

Our take on a refreshing summer classic, a light sour base brewed with fresh lemon zest and conditioned on Fresh BC raspberry puree. Light pink in colour with notes of fresh raspberry and tart citrus.

ABV 4.6%

Pitchers (64 oz) | $24.00 

Salted Lime Lager /  Cerveza Light Lager

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