Beer On Tap

Beer on tap

16 oz Glass       Flight $12

Fresh Hop Cerveza | $8.00 

A Mexican Cerveza style light lager brewed with flaked maize and toasted flaked rice. Light and refreshing with subtle notes of sweet corn giving way to that classic crisp cerveza finish

ABV 4.3%    IBU 18

Salted Lime Lager | $8.00 

Our original beer that started it all, a classic Mexican cerveza brewed with imported Spanish salt and conditioned on fresh Mexican limes. 

ABV 4.6%    IBU 10

Lemon Vanilla Sour | $8.50 

A light wheat and spelt based sour brewed with additions of lactose. citra and fresh lemon zest. Conditioned on vanilla beans for an ode to the sweet Mexican treat.

ABV 3.5%    IBU 10

Cucumber Mint ​Agua Fresca Table Beer | $8.00

A Belgian farmhouse-style table beer brewed with fresh cucumber, mint and lime!

ABV 3.8%    IBU 10

Saison de Maiz  | $8.50 

A Mexican-inspired Farmhouse Saison brewed with additions of flaked maiz and spelt. Hopped with sultana and mosaic lending notes of fresh citrus and stone fruit.

ABV 6%   IBU 18

Guava Gosé  | $8.50 

A traditional German style wheat sour with a tropical Mexican twist. Brewed with coriander, sea salt and pink guava purée lending hints of citrus and fresh guava blending to a tart clean finish.

ABV 3.7%   IBU 5

Baja Blast Smoothie Tropical Sour | $9.00 

A tropical smoothie style sour inspired by a certain fast food taco spot’s exclusive soft drink flavour. Brewed with additions of Milk, sugar, coconut, pineapple, lemon, lime and our secret ingredient Blue Spirulina.

ABV 4%  IBU 0.05

Agave Hazy Pale Ale | $8.00 

An east coast style Pale Ale brewed using barley, wheat, spelt
and malted oats with an addition of raw blue agave syrup. Hopped with equanot and idaho 7 lending complimentary notes of jalapeño, citrus and passion fruit. 

ABV 5% IBU 26

Mango Wheat Ale | $8.50 

A traditional Hefeweizen style wheat beer fermented on fresh mango puree. Notes of mango, banana and clove give way to that smooth citrus forward finish.
ABV 5% IBU 16 

Prickly Pear Sour | $9.00 

A Berliner style sour brewed with additions of both flaked and malted wheat then conditioned on fresh prickly pear purée. Notes of bubble gum and watermelon Jolly Rancher give way to a tart crisp finish.
ABV 3.5% IBU 5

Cherry Sangria Sour | $9.00 

A sour based of a traditional dark sangria cocktail, co-fermented with Cabernet Sauvignon and conditioned on orange, dark cherry, red tart cherries, lemon and black current. 
ABV 5% IBU 5

New Zealand Hybrid Pilsner | $8.50 

This is a New Zealand Pilsner Hybrid brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops grown in New Zealand and co-fermented with Sauvignon Blanc must. Notes of white grape, accentuated with the citrus and grassy profile from the Sauvignon Blanc.
ABV 5.5 % IBU 20

Horchata Milk Stout | $8.00 

Our take on a classic Mexican riced based drink, a traditional milk stout brewed with additions of lactose, vanilla, chufa nuts and conditioned on cinnamon sticks. A creamy rich mouth feel with sweet notes of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon.
ABV 5.5 

Pitchers (64 oz) | $24.00 

Salted Lime Lager / Cerveza Light Lager