Beer On Tap


Beer on tap

16 oz Glass       Flight $12

Cerveza Light Lager | $8.00 

A Mexican Cerveza style light lager brewed with flaked maize and toasted flaked rice. Light and refreshing with subtle notes of sweet corn giving way to that classic crisp cerveza finish

ABV 4.3%   

Salted Lime Lager | $8.00 

Our original beer that started it all, a classic Mexican cerveza brewed with imported Spanish salt and conditioned on fresh Mexican limes. 

ABV 4.6%   

Paloma Grapefruit Lager | $8.00 

This is our new addition to our lager series. A crisp Mexican light lager brewed with fresh grapefruit zest and flaked salt imported from "El Valle Salado" located in Ananas, Spain. 

ABV 4.5%  

Strawberry Daiquiri Sour | $9.00 

A twist on a Mexican favourite, a strawberry daiquiri golden sour. Brewed with fresh strawberry purée, vanilla and lactose. 
ABV 5.0% 

Lime Mezcal Sour | $9.00 

A golden yellow sour beer with a fresh lime aroma and a hint of smoky mezcal, just like a mezcal margarita. The tangy lime and subtle smokiness create a lively and refreshing flavor combination
ABV 5.0%


Mexican Mule Table Beer | $8.00 

The next addition to our Agua Fresca series, modelled after the classic “Moscow Mule” cocktail. This Mexican style hybrid table beer was brewed with additions of lime and fresh ginger. Notes of coriander, spicy ginger and tart citrus blend together into a light refreshing summer beer. 
ABV 4.5%

Mexi-Cali Common Lager | $8.00 

A Mexican twist on a classic style, a California common warm fermented lager brewed with big additions of flaked corn and hopped with sorachi ace. Notes of lemon and dill give way to a crisp clean finish. 
ABV 4.5%

Orange Jarrito Sour | $9.00 

A wheat based sour ale with hefty additions of oranges, followed by a hint of vanilla to create a juicy and creamsicle like flavour. This beer is an ode to the Mexican Jarrito sodas, and is perfect for a summer day!
ABV 5.0%


 Add slush to your beer | $2.50

 Pitchers (64 oz) | $24.00 

Salted Lime Lager /  Cerveza Light Lager