• La Paloma Grapefruit Lager

    A crisp Mexican light lager brewed with fresh grapefruit zest and flaked salt imported from "El Valle Salado".

    Ingredients: Barley,wheat, hops, yeast, salt, grapefruit zest.

    ABV: 4.5%    IBU: 10

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  • Paloma Citrus Ale

    Inspired by the traditional mexican cocktail, paloma. This is a wheat ale brewed with grapefruit and blood orange. it's bright and lively, the flavour is intense but refreshing.

    Ingredients: water, yeast, hops, spelt, wheat, barley, blood orange puree, grapefruit puree.

    ABV:5% IBU:18

  • La de Maiz Corn Saison

    A mexican - inspired farmhouse saison brewed with additions of flaked maiz and spelt. Hopped with sultana and mosaic lending notes of fresh citrus and stone fruit.

    Ingredients: water, yeast, hops, berley, spelt, wheat.

    ABV:6% IBU:18

  • Agave Hazy Pale Ale

    An east coast style pale ale brewed using barley, wheat, spelt and malted oats with an addition of raw blue agave syrup. Hopped with equanot and idaho 7 lending complimentary notes of jalapeño, citrus and passion fruit.

    Ingredients: Water,barley, wheat, spelt, blue agave and syrup.


    ABV: 5% IBU:26

  • Lemon Vanilla Sour

    A light wheat and spelt based sour with additions of lactose, citra and fresh lemon zest. Conditioned on vanilla beans for an ode to the sweet mexican treat.

    Ingredients: lemon zest, vanilla extract, lactose, wheat.


    ABV:3.8% IBU:8

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  • Hibiscus Rose Sour

    A bright and lively wheat based sour infused with hibiscus flowers and raspberry purée. This beer has a bright floral nose and is refreshing and crisp with cranberry like tartness.

    Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, raspberry purée, water, barley, wheat, hops and lactobacillus.


    ABV:3.9% IBU:10

  • Black Corn Dark Lager

    An easy to drink dark beer that pulls
    inspiration from the classic light corn lagers of Mexico and the dark Schwarzbiers made famousin Germany.

    Brewed with traditional black corn and dark specialty malts imparting notes of coffee and chocolate giving way to a bright and crisp
    traditional lager finish.

    Ingredients: Water, barley, black corn, hops.

    ABV:5% IBU:23

  • Chiplote Brown Ale

    A full-bodied brown ale spiced with a pinch of Chipotle. Chipotle is a classic Mexican ingredient, made by drying and smoking jalapeño peppers until they develop a smoky, spicy, and believe it or not, sweetness to them. We infuse the chipotle peppers in alcohol, and mix the infusion in with the brown ale post-ferment to give it a distinct Mexican aromatic.

    Ingredients: Water, malted barley, hops, chipotle.

  • Coconut Hazy Pale Ale

    This light and refreshing hazy Pale Ale has notes of coconut, tropical fruit and lime. This exotic flavour comes from the special neomexicanus strain of sabro hops- known for its distinct fruity and citrus flavours.

    Ingredients: water, malted barley.

    ABV:5.5% IBU: 40

  • Horchata Porter

    A smooth, creamy milk porter infused with a pinch of cinnamon and roasted "chuga" nuts from spain. Agua de horchata, a creamy plant based beverage infused with chufa nuts, dates back to the 13th century, and is still widely popular in Spain and Mexico.

    Ingredients: water, malted & roasted barley, hops, chufa nuts, lactose, cinnamon.

    ABV:6.2% IBU:32

  • Neo-Mexicanus Session Ale

    A hoppy Session Ale made with the only one malt and one hop- Neomexicanus Medusa.
    Neomexicanus hops are the only sub-species of the Humulus genus to not trace its lineage back
    to Europe, but are thought to have grown wild in North America for the pastone million years. Medusa hops offer floral aromatics of mango
    and guava, as well assome IBUs.

    Ingredients: malted barley, water,
    Hops neomexicanus"medusa".

    ABV:5.5% IBU: 40

  • Amber Lager

    A full-bodied amber lager made with barley malted in the Viennese-stylefor colour and
    depth of flavour. While much of Mexico’s beer culture was influenced by Bavarian production methods, this beer is a celebration of darker, morefull- bodied styles using Vienna malts.

    Ingredientes: Corn, Munich and Vienna, Hops Hallertau.

    ABV: 4.5% IBU:30

  • Tropical IPA

    A full-falvoured Indian Pale Ale with lots of hops and a teasing aroma of pineapple and citrus fruit
    from the Zamba TM hops. All Mexican cuisine is influenced by it’s tropical climate – so we had to
    make an IPA with tropical hops flavours.

    Malt:Canadian 2Row andCrystal
    Hops:Centennial andZamba

    ABV:5.8% IBU:60

  • El jugo Mango Kolsch

    A crisp refreshing kolsch-styled beer inspired by thegolden yellow "Ataulfo" mangos grown on
    the gulf coast of Mexico. We simply had to create a mango beer!

    Malt: Canadian Pilsner and Crystal, wheat.
    Hops: Hallertau

    ABV: 4.7% IBU:15

  • Orange Safflower Blonde Ale

    A full-flavoured blonde ale with an infusion of Orange and a pinch of Safflower. Cara Cara oranges are a mutation of Navel oranges, with a sweeter and low acid flavour. The pinch of safflower gives our blonde ale a red hue similar to the flesh of a Cara Cara Orange.

    Ingredients:Water, Orange, Safflower, hops

    ABV:5.4% IBU:12

  • Salted Lime Lager

    A light, latin american cerveza type beer with a modern twist. This is a crisp, clean lager made with Mexican limes and world-renowned salt sourced from El Valle Salado.

    Malt: Canadian 2row
    Ingredients: Sal de Anana Salt, Mexican Limes, hops

    ABV: 4.5% IBU:10

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